C in Citizenship

Today on Facebook as I was scrolling there was a newspaper article on the commentary about something related to being a citizen of a country and foreigners. I hope this does not turn things sour and its really just my opinion and something I have seen online.

I scrolled down to the comments section and saw a few comments about how my country used to be a migrant village, where most of us are just immigrants, and we are all foreigners to this land. They were rebutting the fact that we should not be open to other foreigners and we should stop having foreigners and other non-citizens from gaining citizenship into our country.

In my mind, I was thinking what actually does it mean to be a citizen?

Is there any certain rule? Hard rule? Be law-abiding? Be a highly professional working adult? Be of a certain colour? Speak a certain language?

We as who we are, and staying in a certain country with certain citizenship guaranteed to us are citizens by birth are lucky. Some are not as they are born in countries where it has low opportunities and surrounded by unrest. Hence they seek safer and better places to pursue their goals and to live peacefully. Thus they try to change their citizenship, but taking tests, working there or just by marrying someone from that country.

However, what actually truly makes someone a citizen of that country?

By abiding by the law are we really a citizen? By paying taxes and serving national service and protecting the sovereignty?

There is no hard rule so to speak as to determine our citizenship to that country, we can’t make people do a certain thing so as to say hey you are a citizen of that country or can you…? (Looks at some countries *Ahem*)

A country is in it very self a home, a family, rules by a group of the body that we have democratically elected — unless you are in a country without democracy then they arent chosen. It is up to us to make up what it is to be a citizen. Is it the friends you have? The experience you have? And what is it to be a citizen? Are we even good citizens? I mean I pay taxes right, should be good enough! (Nah this is just sarcasm)

Overall, being a citizen is just having a right to live in that country and to gain off the benefits, the security and the status that the country provides.

I can give you the textbook definition which I am sure you can search on your own, but I feel, we should give the definition of citizenship and define it as something more than just a right or reconigition of living in a country. It should be something that you should be proud of and work hard to uphold it and enjoy what it has to offer.

A citizen is more than just living in the country, it is the breath of the country altogether.



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